Payment Information

Payment Information

Depending on your Association’s policies, your owners have a variety of payment options for their assessments and fees.  We are here to assist your Board and your owners in setting up their payments.

Check and On-Line Bill Pay

Owners may pay their fees by writing a traditional check or by using their bank’s online bill pay feature.  All payments must be made payable to the Association,   include your account number on your check and mail to the Community Association Bank lockbox at the following address:

(Your Association)
c/o House & Associates LLC
PO Box 98202
Phoenix AZ 85038

Credit Card

Owners may pay fees using their credit card. Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express are accepted.  A fee will be charged by the bank; neither House & Associates, your Association nor your Board receive any portion of this fee.

Automatic Withdraw(ACH)

Owners may opt to pay their fees through Auto Withdraw of funds.  This will require completing the necessary forms through House & Associates.  Once established, payment will be withdrawn from your bank account around the 10th of each month.  Please contact us for the necessary forms.

E-Check(Electronic Check)

Owners may pay their fees by e-check on the Mutual of Omaha website. There are no processing fees involved with paying by e-check, this requires your banks routing and account number.  Payments can be configured as recurring or single payments, in accordance with associations guidelines.

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