House & Associates LLC

House & Associates offers quality bookkeeping services at a reasonable cost to both self-managed community associations and management companies.  We go beyond bookkeeping by listening to our clients concerns in order to find new and innovative solutions for all of their HOA needs.

With the experience that House & Associates offers, you can be confident that your community association’s bookkeeping needs will be met.



Thank you for your interest in House & Associates.  We provide professional, quality bookkeeping services to homeowner’s associations so that the Board members can focus on running the association.  House & Associates offers your community several accounting services, including but not limited to:

House & Associates handles all of
the billing & collections for
the Board

House & Associates verifies invoices
processes vendor payments for
the Board

House & Associates provides the complete
the financial picture to the Board through
digital reporting


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Payment Information

Owners have a variety of payment options for their association fees.